My story is live.

I followed the directions and uploaded the cover page, blurb and story and discovered I was 44th in the queue. So, I had a cup of coffee to calm my nerves, then spent an hour in the garden and came back to check. My cover page was not large enough. I checked it was 600×900 and uploaded again. It took a while to locate the correct area to upload the cover again, but I found it. You can download a free copy here. 

If you liked it please return to Smashwords and write a review. Thank you.


2 comments so far

  1. cat on

    I like the blog. Maybe, you want to change the “Just another site” in the upper right hand corner to something snappier though.

    • dianejcornwell on

      I would love to delete it or change it but I have no idea where to start looking to edit it. 🙂
      Found it and changed. Thanks.

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