Developing a New Series

First, thank you to every reader out there who downloaded a sample of one of my stories.

Second, a big thank you to those who read the samples and then purchased a copy. I do appreciate it. Without readers, this Indie Publishing merry-go-round, is rather dull.

Finally, I am plotting my next series of stories, with all new characters, set in a whole different part of the solar system.

If you are interested, the stories are set near Cassiopeia, which is 19 light years from earth. I have to write the first one before I know if they are Novella length or longer.

The main character is Captain Alana Black, an retired Peace Keeper, earning a living carrying low weight, high value, goods between the fringe of human colonies back to earth, while monitoring her section of space and reporting to the Peace Keepers when in range, and yes, her ship has FTL engines.

In the first story, I introduce her sidekick, a robot that likes to experiament with its personality chip, which annoys Alana, then I plan on Alana crashing on an, as yet, unmapped planet similar to earth and meeting a new race of humanoid beings who have both gills and lungs.

As always, events may change as I write, but as soon as I complete the first story and prepare it for publishing on Smashwords, I will announce it here.


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