Galaxy Freight Novelettes

I completed and uploaded the first two novelettes in a new series, called Galaxy Freight.

Captain Alana Black owns a freighting company called Galaxy Freight and pilots her space ship between earth and colonized planets at the edge of settled space.

She has an android to help called Sam, and an artificial intelligence program called Ship.

In Crash Landing, Captain Alana Black uncovers new information on illegal mining on a remote colony in the Cassiopeia system, so she sets course for the closest Peace Keeper base in her spaceship S.S Escape to report what she discovered, but things go downhill from there.

In Altien Rescue, Captain Alana Black agrees to observe an unauthorised human mining operation on the unmapped planet while waiting for her ship to be repaired so she can include the information in her report to the Peace Keepers.

Her alien guide points out a captured local held by the unauthorised mining company, but Captain Black refuses to rescue the captive. When she wakes alone in the middle of the night, Alana has to decide if she will follow the guide and help rescue the captive or return to her ship.

I am working on the third in the series and hope to have it up in December, or early January.

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