Welcome to Diane J Cornwell’s world of fiction.

Diane J Cornwell learnt to read before she started school at the age of five. At school she learnt to write the words she already recognised and many more. She loved going to school. When she was asked to write a story on her holiday activities, Diane wrote a story on what she wanted to do, not what she did, and earned an “A” grade for the homework. That started her on a life of writing fiction.

A bi-product of all that reading was creating her own stories about determined characters who try to make the right decisions the first time during their adventures, stories she could and does read over and over again.

Diane wrote her first full length novel in 2007, and hopes to have many more stories created in the coming years.

Her characters are intelligent, independent, confident women and men, loyal to friends, respect alien rituals or habits, appreciate the differences and make use of those differences to help remove obstacles, and fight for equality. Each story is an adventure, set on planets that support life as we know it, including earth, but may be set in the near or far future.

If you like this style of story, feel free to follow the links of each story to either Smashwords or Amazon to download the free samples. If you like the stories, please leave a review on the relevant sites.



2 comments so far

  1. Luca Oleastri on

    Hi Diane J Cornwell!
    First of all forgive me if I write here, but I did not know how to contact you directly.
    My name is Luca Oleastri and I’m the author of the cover art of your book Galaxy Freight: Omnibus Edition:)
    I thank you for choosing me as illustrator and I invite you to visit my official website:
    If you need a little more “custom” in the future for your books please do not hesitate to write me.
    All the best and good writing,
    Luca Oleastri

    • Diane J Cornwell on

      Thank you. I love your images, and hope other Science Fiction authors do, too.

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