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Smashwords 2018 Summer/Winter Sale

During July you can pick up some of my eBooks for half price during the Smashwords 2018 Summer/Winter Sale. Click on the following links for more information on each story then enter the coupon code SSW50 in your shopping cart to save 50% of the listed price.

Broken Series: Broken Faith, Broken Land and Broken Agreement

Tracker Series: Rider, Guard, Judge, Mage and Trackers

Sensing Danger Series: Sensing Danger, Capture and Freedom

The Case of the Crop Duster Dog

Galaxy Freight Omnibus Edition

Machani Diplomat

Jazz’s Asteroid

Divided Loyalties

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Trackers Now Published

I am happy to announce that Trackers, the fifth story in my Fantasy Tracker Series is now getting distributed to all sites. The print version still has to be proofed and approved and will be available soon.


Never admit to seeing ichur, the silvery residue of magic spells. Not if you want to stay under the radar of the Councillors of Convane.

Dallas Wood, his guard Misty Locke, and their tracker mares, defend their home from attackers, then subtly help defend Convane’s borders with help from tracker horses and dragons.

But, will the council understand that sometimes defensive magic is not enough to protect Convane’s borders and citizens?

Trackers concludes the adventure of Dallas and Misty’s fight to alter the council’s control of mages across Convane and neighbouring countries, with assistance from tracker horses, dragons, and magic spells.

For links to the different distributors check the series page at Tift Publishing.

Trackers is a longer read than the previous four stories, but needed to tie up all conflicts in a good way. I hope you enjoy reading Trackers as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Great Fantasy BundleRabbit Read

If you want a lazy weekend reading fantasy stories and discovering new authors, you might be interested in a new bundle I am in.

Preorder links will be added as each distributor site goes live or you can visit the BundleRabbit store to read details of each story.


PreOrder Links for First glimpse of Secondary Worlds Fantasy Bundle

Kobo  |  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  iBooks

PreOrder Price US$8.99

Retail Price US$9.99

Default Sale Price US$11.99


Read an Ebook Week 5-11 March, 2017

I am participating in Read an E-Book Week on Smashwords from March 5, Midnight to March 11, Midnight.

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Mage Now Published

I am happy to advise that Mage, Book 4 of the Tracker Series is now being rolled out to distributors, and the print version will be available soon.



Never admit to seeing ichur, the silvery residue of magic spells. Not if you want to stay under the radar of the Councillors of Convane.

Dallas Wood, his guard Misty Locke, and their tracker mares sail across the strait to Hinton Island on his first journeyman judge circuit. All he has to do is judge local crimes while looking for proof of a rumoured God of Orphans and missing children.

Dallas’ dragon friend, Longflight, decides to visit Hinton Island with Dallas and Misty, even though Hinton Island does not like Convane mages or dragons.

Mage continues the adventure after Judge ended, including mages, dragons, tracker horses and magic spells.

For links to the different distributors check the series page at Tift Publishing.

Tracker Series # 4 – Mage

I am sorry to say Mage, the fourth in the Tracker series will not be ready for Christmas holidays.

However, I am hoping it will be ready by the end of January, 2017.

SDeBookCover-2-webAlso, for those of you who tried to download Sensing Danger 2: Capture using the coupon code in the back of Sensing Danger 1: Rescue only to find it had expired, I am very sorry.

I had no idea it had expired. It is now fixed so you can use it to get the second story from Smashwords.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and relaxing holiday.




Tracker Series #3 Judge

Tift Publishing has now published my third Tracker Series novel, Judge. More details and links here.


Judge Blurb:

Never admit to seeing ichur, the silvery residue of magic spells. Not if you want to stay under the radar of the Councillors of Convane.

Misty Locke intends to protect Dallas from mages discovering his secret of using ichur while he attends the academy in Dead City to become a judicator.

But before they even reach the academy, she has to protect the tracker mares from a runaway wagon. Then protect Dallas and the mares from thieves intent on stealing both trackers. Which leads to her arrest by the rider of a very large black and yellow dragon called Tema, because he witnessed her attacking citizens of Convane.

Judge continues the adventure after Rider and Guard ended, including mages, dragons, tracker horses and magic spells.




2016 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Smashwords 2016 Summer/Winter Sale starts 1 July and runs until 31 July, and Tift Publishing has included books in the sale.

If you want to catch up on any Tift Publishing books you have not read, they will be half price in July.

Click on any of the below links and use the coupon code SSW50.

Rider Sale Price US$2.50

Galaxy Freight Sale Price US$3.00

Machani Diplomat Sale Price US$3.00

Divided Loyalties Sales Price US$1.50

Jazz’s Asteroid Sale Price US$2.50

Broken Faith Sale Price US3.50


Creating Print on Demand interiors and Covers using Scribus 1.4.1 Sale Price US$3.00

Delays to completing Tracker 3

I apologise to all of you who are waiting for release of the third book in my “Tracker” series.

It is not an excuse, but I have been busy preparing my vegetable garden for winter crops, and spending far too long splitting wood ready for burning.

I did get most of the wood split and stacked but had to stop before I finished, due to blisters from swinging my axe and the wood splitter, which I use as a sledgehammer on the back of the axe to drive it further into the round before the wood finally decides to split for me. So, I have 3 rounds and a few smaller pieces with knots in them waiting for my hands to heal before I attack them, either with the axe or the chainsaw.

Because of my sore hands I have not felt like typing, so my planned release date for the Tracker Book Three has been moved back. However, my hands are healing, so I hope to spend more time writing in the next few weeks, in hopes of a June release. We will see.

I am also editing a short story I wrote some time back in my science fiction “Broken” series world.

Once the final edit has been completed, I hope to release it in June as an eBook only. I have a cover almost ready and will finalise it when the edit is completed, including adding text to show it is part of the “Broken” series. Here is a sneak peek.










Feel free to add suggestions to help improve the cover. 🙂


Guard Print Version Now Available

For those readers waiting for the print version of Book Two of the Tracker Series, I am happy to announce that Guard is now available at Createspace.


The print version will be available at Amazon in a few days, and available at all other distributors within 6 weeks.

Details on the series on this site. Details and links on Tift Publishing site.

I am busy writing the third story in the Tracker Series, so if you want to be informed when it is done, sign up to this blog, or sign up to Tift Publishing newsletter link in the top right column on this page.

Also, the free gift is 5 flash fiction stories set in the Tracker world, and the characters make an appearance in some of the novels.