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Bird Whisperer

My short story, Bird Whisperer, is now published.



As a five year old failed psychic experiment, Trish was moved from the Keeper Complex to a western slopes human village. But as a teenager, when she accidentally reads the thoughts of the village bully and defends her only friend, the villagers force her out of the village.

Now all she has to do is survive alone in her cave until the next Keeper visit, so she can report the villagers and stop their extra benefits for raising her, when they are not doing so.

This Science Fiction short story, Bird Whisperer, is based on Mannuholm, the same world as Diane J Cornwell’s Broken Series.

Ebook Available: Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, and other distributors



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My story is live.

I followed the directions and uploaded the cover page, blurb and story and discovered I was 44th in the queue. So, I had a cup of coffee to calm my nerves, then spent an hour in the garden and came back to check. My cover page was not large enough. I checked it was 600×900 and uploaded again. It took a while to locate the correct area to upload the cover again, but I found it. You can download a free copy here. 

If you liked it please return to Smashwords and write a review. Thank you.


I have my first short story, Fire Starter, ready to upload to Smashwords.

I will link the url to the story page when it is complete but am not sure how long that will take.