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Bird Whisperer

My short story, Bird Whisperer, is now published.



As a five year old failed psychic experiment, Trish was moved from the Keeper Complex to a western slopes human village. But as a teenager, when she accidentally reads the thoughts of the village bully and defends her only friend, the villagers force her out of the village.

Now all she has to do is survive alone in her cave until the next Keeper visit, so she can report the villagers and stop their extra benefits for raising her, when they are not doing so.

This Science Fiction short story, Bird Whisperer, is based on Mannuholm, the same world as Diane J Cornwell’s Broken Series.

Ebook Available: Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, and other distributors


Galaxy Freight VI Now Published


Truth Revealed

Captain Alana Black searches both the Cygnus Peace Keeper Base and the Cygnus Space Station to locate the leader of the illegal mining operation on the Altien home world.

She hopes her luck does not run out as she evades explosions and snipers while following each lead, relying on her android, two Altien’s, her ship’s artificial intelligence and a few trusted Peace Keepers.

A 18,000 word, 72 page (approximate) science fiction adventure novella, Book VI in the Galaxy Freight series by Diane J Cornwell.

Available at Smashwords

Available at Amazon

Galaxy Freight 3 Novelette

I uploaded Galaxy Freight 3 on Smashwords and Amazon without any fanfare. If you wish to read the blurb for Harry’s Detour, click the cover image in the right hand column.

As soon as it has been approved for the premium list, Smashwords will forward to all the other sites, but until then, you may download the sample from Smashwords in the format you require.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Galaxy Freight Novelettes

I completed and uploaded the first two novelettes in a new series, called Galaxy Freight.

Captain Alana Black owns a freighting company called Galaxy Freight and pilots her space ship between earth and colonized planets at the edge of settled space.

She has an android to help called Sam, and an artificial intelligence program called Ship.

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Broken Agreement

Today I uploaded Broken Agreement,  third in the Broken series, to Smashwords. It is now waiting for acceptance in the premium list before it will be available on the other sites.

I also added new covers to the other two Broken novels, and hope you like them.

Broken Agreement is a 79,000 word Science Fiction novel that continues from where Broken Land ended.

To preview the cover and blurb, click here.

To open the Smashwords page, click here.

Broken Land available on Smashwords

Broken Land is now available as an eBook on Smashwords.

Click on Smashwords for a free sample or to purchase.

I hope you enjoy the second novel of one group of psychic humans.



Broken Faith Available

My 95,000 word, science fiction novel, Broken Faith, is available on Smashwords. If you would like to read a sample of the novel, click here.

This is the second story I put on Smashwords, and it was easier because I knew what to expect.

Please return and comment if you enjoyed the story. I would love to hear from you.