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Galaxy Freight VI Now Published


Truth Revealed

Captain Alana Black searches both the Cygnus Peace Keeper Base and the Cygnus Space Station to locate the leader of the illegal mining operation on the Altien home world.

She hopes her luck does not run out as she evades explosions and snipers while following each lead, relying on her android, two Altien’s, her ship’s artificial intelligence and a few trusted Peace Keepers.

A 18,000 word, 72 page (approximate) science fiction adventure novella, Book VI in the Galaxy Freight series by Diane J Cornwell.

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Jazz’s Asteroid On Smashwords

My 30,000 word YA Science Fiction novel is completed and uploading to Smashwords today.

Once it is approved it will be distributed to all the other sites.

You may preview the cover and blurb here.

I will add the Smashword link as soon as I have it.

The link to the Smashwords page is here.